It's fair to say we all have days where we don't know what to wear and think it would be nice to have someone pick us a perfectly flattering outfit, or even a whole wardrobe.

We understand that not everybody loves to shop and that others may lack shopping confidence. We appreciate that being creative with the things you already own may not always be intuitive. We also realise that there are those of you who are fashion savvy are always wanting to remain "in the know"!

So whether you are just looking to tap into seasonal trends to compliment your style and shape, or if you are going through a more significant lifestyle change and personal renaissance, we can guide you toward looking and feeling your best.  We will ‘sproos’ up your style confidence, shopping knowledge, as well as help you leverage your style spend for optimum return.


"I was rather embarrassed to share the contents of my wardrobe with two stylists -- being far from a fashionista and a hoarder -- but Megan and Lorraine soon made me feel at ease and the subsequent wardrobe clear out was liberating.  Deep down I knew that half my clothes needed to go, but it felt great to have someone confirm that and to find that some pieces I was less sure about were considered to be keepers.  It gave me a new confidence in wearing them.  I would definitely recommend the Sproosy experience to anyone stuck in a wardrobe rut."
-  Samantha M.

"Thanks to the girls at Sproosy, my closet is beautifully edited and organized.   I'm excited to get dressed every day."
-  Beth M.


"After a Wardrobe Sproos with the Sproosy ladies, and a very thorough Shopping Guide, I am feeling very good in my new work attire! Looking forward to the end of the month when I can invite the Sproosy team back to peruse my purchases."
-  Jackie M.


"The Sproosy experience is more than auditing ones wardrobe and reassessing personal style. My clothing choices were boring me, I was boring myself. Having spent years concentrating on my career I had lost a significant sense of self. Four hours with Sproosy: three trash bags of clothes to goodwill later, a new wardrobe plan reflective of my body type and quirks, I had gained back five years of my life and not looked back." 
-  Sam C.


"A year ago, I called on Megan to help me determine what items in my wardrobe needed replacing or updating as I returned to work following maternity leave. As I was still losing weight after having a baby, her advice, support and encouragement were invaluable. She helped me determine what pieces I needed to buy right away and what items would be most practical to invest in in the months to come. She did extensive research and pulled together a comprehensive list of clothes, all the while making sure what she proposed was the right look and fit for me. I'd recommend Megan's style services to anyone wanting help with a simple wardrobe update or a complete wardrobe overhaul." 
-  Emily L.


"I was nervous about opening my closet to such a discerning pair of stylists, but Megan and Lorraine put me at ease immediately. They were creative, encouraging, and professional during the hugely helpful (and liberating!) wardrobe detox session, and their thorough, specific follow-up notes and suggestions made me feel confident and excited about mixing and matching pieces and building my wardrobe. I was amazed by how many things I already had that could be reworked and given new life. When you know what flatters your body and are confident about which pieces work together, simply getting dressed -- something you do every day -- becomes a pleasure. It was an empowering experience -- I can't recommend Sproosy highly enough!" 
-  Nadia A.


"Thanks so much - I really enjoyed it and it feels wonderful to get everything out of my closet! What a difference. And I got at least 10 compliments (from men and women) on my Friday night outfit. You have no idea how excited I am to have gotten rid of so much of my wardrobe. Worth every penny."
-  Nat R.



"...made a long-overdue update to my wardrobe a breeze; initial survey was simple, the ladies were firm but reasonable with the existing wardrobe purge, and were very good at getting sizing right in the various clothing brands which took the pain out of the much-loathed task of clothes shopping!  Very pleasant experience overall, highly recommended for guys who know their wardrobe sucks but can't be bothered to do anything about it."
- Ryan W.