It's fair to say we all have days where we don't know what to wear and think it would be nice to have someone pick us a perfectly flattering outfit, or even a whole wardrobe.

We understand that not everybody loves to shop and that others may lack shopping confidence. We appreciate that being creative with the things you already own may not always be intuitive. We also realise that there are those of you who are fashion savvy are always wanting to remain "in the know"!

No matter your situation, we’ve got you covered and are on hand to 'sproos' you up with a fair dose of candid and useful feedback to satisfy your style needs.

Beyond that, we think getting together with friends and others in a relaxed or wine infused setting can make sharing fashion even more fun – so we’ll be bringing style soireés and pop up shops to Bermuda's 'what to do' options.

Soon to come!