The Sproos

We have a host of services for you, but these are the Sproosy staples. Prices can vary as we aim to customise everyone's Sproosy experience. We are happy to talk you through your best options. Currently we take appointments and orders via email or telephone and payments can be made online. 

Everyone has a personal style – some people just have a harder time finding or refining it. We believe getting dressed should be inspiring and gratifying, and that no one should feel like clothes were designed for hiding in. We guarantee getting ‘sproosed’ will be both liberating and empowering – and it’s also pretty fun.

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Wardrobe Sproos

This is effectively a wardrobe detox! We will go through your closet and purge the items you no longer need, and compile a list of clothes that are missing to complete your style gaps. We will also help you to revitalise items and give them new life. Detoxing is good for the soul, so you will feel liberated afterwards! This service is completed with a follow-up list, gap and shop notes. 
  - Standard Average Wardrobe Size (2 hours) -  $300
  - Medium-Large Wardrobe Size (3 hours) -  $395
  - Extra Large Wardrobe Size (3+ hours) -  TBD

Sproosy Shopping Guide

This is an excellent addition and perfect way to round off the Wardrobe Sproos or if you consider yourself a keen shopper and just need a 'go to list'. This is also handy when going off island and plan to shop. We will compile an extensive and comprehensive list of items to buy and where to purchase in order to complete/update your wardrobe. We scour thoroughly to find the perfect choices for you, simplifying shopping research so you don't have to.
Price $235 with 'Wardrobe Sproos' OR $285 without (if you don’t think your wardrobe needs a detox but want some current top up items)
Travel Shopping Guides start at $150



This determines the most flattering shades for your unique complexion. Your recommended colour palette will help you to co-ordinate your wardrobe more easily and create colour combinations that enhance your natural skin tones. The session begins with a precise fabric draping system to establish the broad group of colours that compliment you.  We break this down even further by rating those colours and identifying the very best to be worn next to your face, which is where it matters most. A Colour Sproos concludes with a closet scan of your clothes, looking at how they compare to your ideal colour palette.  We will discuss how to wear existing garments which are not in your most complimentary colours, or perhaps advise on introducing more colour to your neutrals.
Price $230 (which includes a colour swatch wallet).
$475 in combo with a 'Wardrobe Sproos'

Colour Shopping Guide

As a follow on from the 'Colour Sproos', we will source items to fill the colour gaps in your wardrobe.  You may want to add some pops of colour or update your outfits with accessories in the latest seasonal hue.  A Colour Shopping Guide will list specific items tailored to your individual needs.
Price starting from $80 (for 4 items following 'Colour Sproos')

Sproosy Personal or RESERVE Shop

For fans of shopping and non-fans of shopping alike! Our personal shopping service is perfect if you feel like nothing seems to fit or look right on; you would like to reinvent  your look; or if  you simply want to shop with an expert who can lead you through the latest trends best suited for them.

You need not leave the changing room as we will scour the racks so you can find the right fit and styles. We will ensure you can mix and match to make the most out of your wardrobe and your budget. Our 'sproosy' shop will be completed with a follow-up summary of personal/individual style tips.


As an alternate - we will go ahead of you and leave personal selections on reserve so you can try solo at your leisure!

NB. Shopping normally takes place in Bermuda but overseas shopping days can be arranged as well as guided online shopping sessions.
Personal Shopping price starting at $400 (for half day)
Reserve Shop price starting at $300

Customised Sproos

Perhaps all you need is to tackle one area of your style artillery – eg. accessories, undergarments or travel wear etc.. We can hone in and 'sproos' a specific smaller area within your wardrobe. Or provide you witha 'how to wear it' session.
Prices start at $125. Contact for a quote.


Sproosy Speedy Consult

A speedy run through of the seasonal trends with customised style suggestions for you.
Price $75 (45 min hour session).

Speedy Colour Sproos

A speedy run through of the draping process highlighting your most complimentary colours.  Ideal if you have a sense of your best colours already, had colour assessed years ago — or if you just  need a quick refresh and some new ideas.  
Price $130 (to include swatch wallet, 1 hour session).



The Sproosiest

This is a total revamp that involves a head-to-toe 'sproos', resulting in a complete up-to-date look and wardrobe. This includes a combination of the Wardrobe Sproos, personal shopping, a style guide and can also include a hair and make-up makeover.
Prices start at $800. Contact for a quote

Sproosy Man

We are pretty sure men like looking their best too. We know that the attention span for style may be shorter for some, so we have created a package to get a small but significant dose of style. For a 'sproosed' up look we provide a Speedy Wardrobe Sproos (just give us an hour and a half to scan, sort and scrap) and a quick Colour Sproos (including the personalised Men's colour swatch) to determine your best hues. Depending on personal needs and preferences - this session is followed up with either a Sproosy Personal Shop, Shopping Guide or a Reserve Shop (we will set it all aside for you so you can try at your convenience with no pressure).
option 1 with a Shopping Guide $415
option 2 with a Reserve Shop $475
option 3 with a Personal Shop $525

Mens Colour Sproos

It’s just as important for men to get the colours in their wardrobe right as it is for women.  A dark charcoal suit can appear authoritative and striking or can completely overpower a softer complexion.  We use the same draping system as for women, but discuss colour in relation to mens work and casual wear. Additionally, we will provide tips for shopping your best colours and which 'not so great' colours to remove from your Wardrobe.
Price starts at $130 (for a 1 hour consultation which includes a mens colour swatch wallet).


Do you you feel comfortable with your personal style but aren't sure how to currently shop for you body shape? Or do you need some focus for your next shopping expedition and need some style tips specific to you?

This Sproos begins with a discussion centred around key questions specifically designed to enable you to better articulate and define your style.

The focus then shifts to proportional dressing and we use a length of ribbon to determine your basic body proportions - don't worry, the only thing you take off are your shoes!

We identify ideal necklines and can even advise your best style of jewellery and sunglasses frame shape.

This Sproos is unique in that it provides you with recommendations for ideal garment styles without having access to your wardrobe.  It also works perfectly pre a 'Wardrobe Sproos session and/or gets you shaped up for shopping with a 'Sproosy Shopping Guide'!

Price: $115  (45min - 1 hr )
$95 as a pre cursor and in conjunction with a 'Wardrobe Sproos' or 'Shopping Guide' 


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