Above images from a collaboration with Airy Heights Design at Petals.

As part of our services - Sproosy hosts Pop-Up shops - to bring fresh, exciting and fashion forward brands to the Bermuda market. Bermuda's distinctive blend of British, North American, European and Island culture equals a wealth of well-travelled and sophisticated shoppers. Our Sproos 'shops' seek to satisfy the needs and curiosities of clients, and offer an innovative way to bring additional brands in small batches to the local shopping experience.

Examples of Pop-Ups we have done include Favery jewellery, ADA belts, Josa Tulum kaftans and Linda Sieto clutches. We also love to do events and promote talented local designers. But watch this space! We are always on the lookout for new and different brands to enhance our boutique events, bringing the best of style accents for clients, while 'Sproosing' up the offerings of the Bermuda style scene. 


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