SPROOSY WAS FOUNDED IN 2014 ORIGINALLY WITH A MISSION TO ‘SPROOS’ UP CLOSETS AND CLIENTS.  The COnsultancy has evolved to include home, BRAND and art sproosing also…




Megan’s passion for all things aesthetic originated with her education in Design studying in Canada and at London’s Central Saint Martins where she gained an MA with Distinction in Communication Design.

Megan had 12 successful years in the design industry in Montreal, London and locally in Bermuda as a Creative Director. She was the creative lead for various accounts including several within the fashion industry, helping companies to brand their identities and refine their image.

Her next creative challenge involved a small leap to a sistered passion – fashion. Primed with creative thinking and her extensive understanding of colour theory, proportions, brands and aesthetic balance – this next step was a natural transition. Megan formally trained at the NHJ Style Academy in London and subsequently built up experience to set the foundation for a style consultancy in Bermuda. Having lived and worked in different cities and also as the mother of two – she has first hand experience with how style needs and issues morph with the various transitions of life. Helping people find or regain their style esteem is a fun but serious mission for Megan who follows the old adage “you look how you feel”.

Megan’s varied experience as a designer and stylist has set the stage for the enabling the evolution of Sproosy to include a wider range of ‘lifestyle’ sproosing services.


Austrian born, Katarina has always had a keen eye for design since a young age. Her natural interest further developed as she worked on several interior design and renovation projects both in Austria and Bermuda. Her work to date demonstrates her taciturn skills as well as a keen attention to detail and a relentless passion for spatial transformation. Katarina has the experience and creative sensibility necessary to deliver an end product that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional in form and practicality.

For the past 3 years she has dedicated her time to volunteer and also act as a board member of Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art. She has subsequently gained significant experience and knowledge of the art and gallery world. The Masterworks art collection has over 1400 pieces from well known international artists such as Georgia O'Keefe, Winslow Homer to local prestigious local artists.

Katarina has a creative edge in combining art with design. Collaborating with Sproosy in the fall 2018 was the next step towards her goal to create a collaborative lifestyle focused agency with various 'concierge services' for interior styling, art and design sproosing.

Katarina believes we all have great taste in our own ways, but to have someone enhance your style is something best achieved by sharing the experience through design and art.


Chloe, has recently left the shores of Bermuda to return to her homeland in the U.K. after 18+ years in Bermuda! However she is still available for our travelling clients and online needs.

Chloe is engaging and enthusiastic, and delights in her role in helping people with colour and style. She looks at women and sees where her talents in colour and style analysis could apply a cool, cutting edge chic to all ages. As well, her intense fashion training at the Aston + Hayes Image Consultancy in London, has given Chloe the valuable experience of working with UK based clients in addition to her three years as a stylist in Bermuda.

lor 2b.jpg

Lorraine was a key player in getting Sproosy Styling off the ground in 2014. Her love of fashion, eye for detail and shopping prowess has led to a successful career in retail and fashion. The former owner of London personal shopping and styling company Bespoke Shoppers – Lorraine used her fashion intelligence, ongoing trend monitoring, insider knowledge and contacts to keep her clients stylish and armed with fashion’s latest ‘must haves’.

Lorraine was a top client of many of the high-end Bond and Sloane Street stores, as well as smaller quirky fashion boutiques and a regular at Fashion Week in London and Paris. This, alongside her work with the leading players in the industry, has meant that if there was something worth having or wearing, whether High street or Hermes, then Lorraine was 'in the know'. 

Lorraine has trained at the London College of Fashion, written fashion articles for various magazines and spoken on the radio and appeared on television as a shopping expert. Now living and working in Bermuda as a Buyer, Lorraine remains firmly rooted to her passion for fashion, and continues to channel her shopping expertise into adding style, flair and fashion updates to closets the island over.


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