We have created some special services (detailed below) that suit our recurring clients who are wanting to stay in the 'style know' around the clock. They form a package as part of our Sproosy Annual VIP Membership.  

The Sproosy Annual VIP Membership will give you 2 Wardrobe Sproos’ for Summer and Winter; 12 What to Wear texts for whenever you need them; & The Monthly Sproos for $840 (actual value $1135). 

New and old clients - please feel free to contact us to learn more.

What to Wear

This is a flash text or email service, designed to help when:

  • You are not sure if your outfit is quite right for an occasion and want quick advice or feedback
  • You want to know what is style appropriate or get a quick accessories idea
  • You are needing some validation for an item before you buy

Just send us a picture, or a message and we will give you a 'sproos' of feedback!


The Monthly Sproos

We will send fashion and shopping insider tips directly to you on a monthly basis. We will do the online legwork for you so you know what’s happening, hot and covetable.



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